Touchless Biometric Anti-Epidemic Solution

The 2019–20 coronavirus outbreak is an ongoing public health emergency of international concern involving coronavirus disease. Maybe you have seen how this disease brings inconvenience to daily life. CDC said that approximate 80% of sickness-causing germs are spread via hands. Thus, a touchless entrance control solution effectively prevents hands from exposing to virus and bacteria. And the security products which are with built-in fever detection will be widely demanded in the market. Here Granding provide the walk through metal detector with IR temperature sensor, visible light facial recognition with fever detection, and swing barrier entrance control with dynamic fast speed facial recognition.

Here is the brief introduction of Granding touchless biometric products:

Walk Through Metal Detector With IR Temperature Sensor (D8130S-TD)

The remote high-precision human body temperature measurement security door is a safety detection integrated with human body temperature detection and metal detection.

The door head is equipped with a detection probe, the detection angle can move up and down, and the surface temperature of the human forehead can be measured.

The optical component of the detector collects the energy emitted and reflected by the forehead onto the sensor, and displays the secondary information on the display panel through the electronic component.

When the temperature reading exceeds the high temperature alarm value, the instrument will send out an alarm sound. The alarm temperature can be set as any value at your will.

This security door is suitable for the safety inspection of dangerous goods such as controlled knives and forced items. It is widely used in airports, stations, immigration, schools, office areas, factories, communities and other densely populated places. This security gate is effective in preventing the spread of the epidemic.

During the special epidemic period , people will wear mask to protect themselves. And when making face recognition, the fast speed and identification to face with mask is demanded in market. The High speed Dynamic Visible Light Facial Recognition with mask and temperature detector, is touchless for better Hygiene biometric authentication, temperature detection and masked individual identification. Anti-spoofing algorithm against print attach (laser, color and B/W photos), videos attack and 3D mask attack.
It is touchless and contactless, just stand a far way to detect, body temperature detection with distance 30~50CM (1~1.64feet), Measurement Range 34~45 ℃ and Accuracy ±0.3.


Masked Face
In the time of epidemic, wearing surgical mask is a must-take precaution before entering crowded areas such as offices, shopping malls, stations and so on. Un-masked persons would potentially be seen as spreading germs in the community as droplets are one of the most dangerous and easiest ways of coronavirus spreading. With the help of Computer Vision technology, Granding upgraded terminals can identify whether the user is wearing a mask, while conducting fast and effective facial recognition.

Fever Detection
Most of the thermal cameras in the market are designed for industrial use only. Such temperature detection maybe allowed up to ±2 degrees of deviation, which is simply not precise enough for human body temperature screening during a pandemic of diseases. In order to solve this problem, Granding combines the visible light facial recognition technology with infrared temperature detection to provide accurate and fast temperature screening during temperature identify verification.