Linux-Based Hybrid-Biometric Access Control Time Attendance Terminal With Waterproof and Dust-proof (FacePro4)

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Linux-Based Hybrid-Biometric Access Control & Time Attendance Terminal With Waterproof and Dustproof (FacePro4)


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Place of Origin Shanghai,China
Model Number FacePro4
Operating System Linux OS
Type IP65 Waterproof Facial Recognition System With 4 Inches Screen




The SpeedFace-V4L Pro series uses intelligent engineering facial recognition algorithms and the latest  computer vision technology, featuring a video intercom function.  What sets the FacePro4 apart is its 4-inch color LED touch screen, a 2MP binocular camera, a  built-in microphone, and a speaker for two-way video communication. There are two ways to use video  intercom functions. Firstly, users can have a video phone through the ZSmart app when connected to the  internet. Secondly, the terminal can connect the indoor station via SIP protocol. 


The FacePro4 series can also integrate with the ZKBioAccess Mobile Page to support Dynamic QR codes for access control or time and attendance protocols. Furthermore, the SpeedFace-V4L Pro series incorporates the ultimate anti-spoofing algorithm for facial recognition, protecting most fake photos and video attacks. The terminal also supports specialized QR modules such as QR code, PDF417, Data Matrix, MicroPDF417, and Aztec.

Our devices support multi-languages, English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Russian, Italian, French, Hebrew, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, Turkish, German and so on. User can select the language they need.


What’s more, the FacePro4 can work in our powerful Web-based time and attendance software UTime Master or ZKTime5.0 software or UAccess Master/ZKCVAccess IVS.



Visible light Face Recognition technology and in-glass fingerprint verification.

Visible light facial recognition in dimly lit environment even without supplement light.

Full spectrum of authentication methods: support Facial Recognition/Fingerprint verification/QR Code (optional)/Card/Password(Virtual Keypad).

Supports multiple RFID modules:125Khz ID card/13.56MHz IC card/ID&IC card.

Enlarged Capacity:3,000 Faces/6,000 Fingerprints/ 6,000 RFID cards/ 200,000 Transactions.

Reached IP65 protection rating with waterproof and dustproof.

Compatible with wired doorbell and wireless doorbell (optional).






IP65 Waterproof Facial Recognition System With 4 inches Screen

Operating system

Linux OS


4-inch Touch screen

Face Capacity

3,000 Faces

Fingerprint Capacity

6,000 Fingerprints

Card Capacity

6,000 cards



Max. User Password Length

8 digits


30cm to 170cm (Face)


Binocular Camera 2MP

Operating System

Linux based OS


CPU: Dual Core 1GHz, RAM: 1GB, ROM: 8GB

Standard Function

ADMS, DST, 14-digit User ID, T9 Keyboard (Input), Photo Capture, Event Photo Capture, Record Query, Tamper Switch Alarm, Automatic Status Switch, Anti-Passback, Multiple Verification Methods, Wired Doorbell, Schedule Bell, HTTPs / SSH Backend Access, AC Push and TA Push Protocol Switch

Biometric Verification Speed

Face Recognition≤0.35s

Fingerprint Recognition≤0.5s

False Acceptance Rate (FAR)%

≤0.01% (Facial Recognition)

≤0.0001% (Fingerprint)

False Rejection Rate (FRR)%

≤0.02% (Facial Recognition)

≤0.01% (Fingerprint)

Biometric Algorithm

Face V3.9 & Finger V10.0


TCP/IP, Wiegand (Input & Output), RS485, Type A (USB Drive Only), Aux Inputs, Electric Lock, Door Sensor, Exit Button, Alarm output, Wired Doorbell

Access Control Interface

3rd Party Electric lock, door sensor, exit button, Alarm output, Auxiliary Input

Optional Function

Wi-Fi, SRB, WorkCode, Video Door Phone, SIP Protocol, Wireless Doorbell (Coming soon)

Facial Recognition Speed


Biometrics Algorithms

Face VX5.8

Protection Level

IP65 (Waterproof and Dustproof)

Power supply

12V 3A

Operating Humidity


Operating Temperature


Supported Software

Web-based attendance software, cloud server Access Control software :

UAccess Master / UTime Master

Gross Weight


Net Weight

0.453 Kg


183 mm x 88 mm x 20.5 mm (L x W x H)

Web-based Attendance Software:

We have different types of  softwares.

One is web-based attendance software UTime Master ,it is with time and attendance function, simple access control function, and payroll function. The central server software can manage biometric devices from different branches or cities.We have demo link for you to test, welcome to contact us for details.

The other is web-based professional access control software ZKCVACCESS IVS, our UAccess Master.

Here below are some introductions about UTime Master or BioTime8.0.

Web-Based Time Attendance Access Control Software :

UTime Master introduction

UTime Master is Real-Time Monitor: 
The attendance records/data can be uploaded to software in real time.

UTime Master functions

UTime Master software supports many languages: 
Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, Indonesian, Thai, etc. Users can select the language they need in the software.

UTime Master-5

Software has many attendance reports
Such as Transaction reports, Scheduling Reports, Daily Reports , Monthly Reports

Many attedance reports


best protocol

 push protocol



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